Chewing Gum

On 28 December 1869, William Finley Semple (1832-1923) a dentist from Ohio, filed a patent (number 98,304) on chewing gum.
However, five months earlier Amos Tyler had already received a patent for a gum consisting of white rosin (pine resin) and olive oil, heated and mixed.

Semple’s gum was made out of rubber dissolved in naphtha and alcohol, added with powdered chalk, powdered licorice root, and other materials to provide texture and flavour. He thought this mixture would help scrub the teeth, making them cleaner. He also believed that chewing gum would strengthen jaw muscles.

Anyway, people had been chewing gum for thousands of years: peoples of the Mediterranean chewed the sweet resin of the mastic tree as a tooth cleanser and breath freshener
Both the Aztecs and Maya traditionally chewed chicle, a natural gum tapped from a tropical evergreen tree in a way similar to the tapping of latex from the rubber tree. It was chewed as a way to avoid hunger, freshen breath, and keep teeth clean- Chicle was also used by the Maya as a filling for tooth cavities.
Native Americans chewed aromatic and astringent spruce resin.

Humans probably have the urge to chew to keep their mouths moist or, psychologists think, because it brings back memories of nursing when they were babies.

ABC (Already Been Chewed) gum has great properties as a quick fix-it for all kinds of emergency repairs that demand sticky material, from filling cracks in broken dishware or terracotta flowerpots, to securing loose items such as lens in eyeglasses.

πŸ‘‰Flattery is like chewing gum. Enjoy it but don’t swallow it. (Hank Ketcham)

πŸ‘‰Writing a book is like sliding down a rainbow! Marketing it is like trudging through a field of chewed bubble gum on a hot, sticky day. (Betty Dravis)

πŸ‘‰TV is chewing gum for the eyes. (Frank Lloyd Wright)

πŸ‘‰L’adulazione Γ¨ come una gomma da masticare. Goditela ma non ingoiarla. (Hank Ketcham)

πŸ‘‰Scrivere un libro Γ¨ come scivolare lungo un arcobaleno! Fare marketing Γ¨ come arrancare in un campo di gomma da masticare masticata in una giornata calda e appiccicosa. (Betty Dravis)

πŸ‘‰La TV Γ¨ chewing gum per gli occhi. (Frank Lloyd Wright)

Image: Pixabay

53 thoughts on “Chewing Gum

  1. Molti allenatori masticano come i ruminanti, a me non piace e a scuola subito appena si vedeva qualcuno con la “cicc” la doveva buttare. Non pensavo che ci fosse il ricordo dell’allattamento ….per quel poco che so succhiavano , ma qualcuno forse aveva molto appetito!

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  2. Luisa, yet again you take us deep into the knowledge of everyday things.
    I had no idea how far chewing gums went in history. Neither did I know it was thought good for
    the teeth.
    The quotes are fun and make many feel at home.

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    1. Ce n’era anche un’altra carina, ma forse troppo pessimista da essere inserita nel post, che ho tradotto e messo in rima:
      “L’amore Γ¨ come una gomma da masticare.
      All’inizio il suo gusto Γ¨ superiore a qualsiasi cosa si possa immaginare,
      ma dopo un po’ il suo sapore inizia a scemare”


  3. I was never into gum, except for a brief period in the 70s when my classroom was introduced to a new sugar-rich product called, Bubble Yum. Still, I am a sucker for an old timey gum-ball machine, though, even then, I can only bear with the gum for about three minutes tops.

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      1. I cannot imagine how they get all that sugar in such a small orb. And to this day if I get a white or black gumball I am as disappointed as I was when i was a kid. What?!! I wanted green, or blue or purple!

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  4. Fantastico: “Scrivere un libro Γ¨ come scivolare lungo un arcobaleno! Fare marketing Γ¨ come arrancare in un campo di gomma da masticare masticata in una giornata calda e appiccicosa. (Bette Dravis)”
    Oggi piΓΉ che mai.
    Ciao Luisa.

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