Auld Lang Syne

“Auld Lang Syne” is a traditional Scottish song with words attributed to the national poet of Scotland, Robert Burns, traditionally used to celebrate the start of the New Year.
In 1788 Burns restored this song based on fragments of an old ballad and adding a few verses. He said he had transcribed it from “an old man singing,” because he had been stirred by the words and in particular by the line “should old acquaintances be forgot.”

The song’s Scots title may be translated into English as “old long since”, or “old days gone by”, and the lyrics are full of sadness, longing and dreams of reconciliation,
According to the BBC it may be considered as an “international anthem and Scotland’s greatest gift to the world”.

English version

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old times past?

For the sake of old times, my dear,
for the sake of old times
we’ll take a cup of kindness yet,
for the sake of old times

We two have run about the hills,
and picked up fine daisies;
But we’ve wandered a lot, and have weary feet,
since old times.

We two have paddled in the stream,
from morning sun till dinner time;
But broad seas have roared between us
since old times.

And surely you’ll pay for your pint!
and surely I’ll buy mine!
And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for the sake of old times

An here’s my hand my trusty friend!
And give us your hand!
And we’ll take a good-will drink,
for the sake of old times

As a standard in music, “Auld Lang Syne” has been recorded many times, in different versions, by several artists. Here’s Rod Stewart’s version

I tempi passati

Le vecchie conoscenze dovrebbero essere dimenticate
e mai più ricordate?
Le vecchie conoscenze dovrebbero essere dimenticate
così come i tempi passati?

Ai bei vecchi tempi, mio caro
ai bei vecchi tempi
alzeremo ancora una coppa di gentilezza,
ai bei tempi passati

Noi due abbiamo corso per le colline
e raccolto belle margherite;
ma abbiamo vagato molto e abbiamo i piedi stanchi,
fin dai tempi passati.

Noi due abbiamo remato nel torrente,
dal primo sole fino all’ora di cena;
ma ampi mari hanno ruggito tra di noi
fin dai tempi passati.

E sicuramente tu pagherai per la tua pinta!
e sicuramente io mi comprerò la mia!
Alzeremo ancora una coppa di gentilezza
ai bei tempi passati

Ed ecco la mia mano, mio fidato amico!
E tu dammi la tua mano!
E faremo un brindisi di gratitudine
ai bei vecchi tempi passati

51 thoughts on “Auld Lang Syne

  1. Che bella!!! Finalmente, grazie a te, ne ho capito il senso ❤😘
    Sbaglio o c’è anche una versione cantata da Leonard Cohen?
    Un bacio cara Luisa, buona serata!!!

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  2. Bonne Année, Luisa – merci pour ce beau chant et les souvenirs qu’il évoque, car à chaque fois que se terminait un séjour – heureux- en Grande Bretagne, nous chantions en choeur Ald Lang Syne, ce qui adoucissait les départs 🙂 amitiés

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  3. effettivamente sembra veramente un inno alle vecchie amicizie, quelle che sono indelebili nel nostro cuore. Un inno a non dimenticare, a volersi bene nonostante il tempo che passa.
    Molto molto bello il tuo articolo 🥰 complimenti!

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  4. Happy New Year my dear LUISA I hope life is treating you well and I pray that’ll be so much better for all of us in the coming year than in the past . I know in my life it was filled with all kinds of things, car accidents when no one is driving my vehicle , horrible snow terrible cold and wwind storms . even New Year’s Eve rushing to a vet with a kitty that had to be killed . money issues home issues got to be better .. YOU’RE always in my prayers and in my thoughts!! please take care of my dear LUISA ⚘🧝‍♀️

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    1. Dear Sharon, I hadn’t heard rom you for a few days and I was starting to get worried.
      Thank you very much for your good wishes. I also wish you a better 2021 than last year.
      A “normal” year would be enough for me
      Take care of yourself. A strong hug😘😊🤗💖

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      1. Yes very good to hear from you LUISA I reached out because I couldn’t find you ,, I don’t know why I couldn’t get any of our past comments .. I couldn’t get any of your past stories or my comments to you .. Sunday I had my friend Sharon the other Sharon coming over for dinner . I searched to see something new from you or a comment or something I couldn’t find anything so I became very panicky . it was like everything was erased I didn’t know how to get back again .. all of a sudden there it popped up Auld Lang Syne with your name .. if that isn’t God and His angels what it , hahaha , it seemed like the last couple of months online with the blog even though it’s my blog it could never be as Sensational as yours just downloading some good music ,, some animal stories what I think might be powerful information and comments, but it could never be like yours or Paul Or Trev or so many others .. it seemed like everything was erased especially yours … you gave me so much encouragement in the beginning.. I just couldn’t find you and there you were . here you are a million miles away but yet close ,,. God bless you my dear LUISA !!! ⚘🐱💃

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      2. As I told you, I too was beginning to be worried because I didn’t hear from you anymore.
        I also went to look for you in the spam folder, where friends’ comments often end up, Therefore spam checking is an operation I often do
        In any case, I must say that I often have problems with WordPress which does not allow me to move with agility. Sometimes I wonder if this is just a tactic to get me to join a paid plan
        I wish you a good week. Remember that I care about you, dear Sharon 🙏😘💖

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      3. Yes that did cross my mind Luisa , because I really don’t want to join the WordPress plan and I thought the same thing maybe we are right but we’ll take it as it is if I have to then I have to but I don’t want to lose what I have here it’s too good thank you my dear friend good health and peace and love to you and yours bless your heart

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  5. Thank you for posting this! At the end of the broadcast of the Sydney NYE fireworks there was a group singing Auld Lang Syne, but they just sang the first verse and the chorus 4 times! I meant to look up the rest, but of course went to sleep and had forgotten by morning. So nice to hear all of it.

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