Genitori ✍️

Invitata su Facebook da Lucia Triolo a partecipare al DECENNIO DI AVVICINAMENTO DELLE CULTURE – Esposizione internazionale virtuale, inserirò dieci mie poesie, una al giorno.

(3° giorno) ➡️ Chi volesse partecipare è pregato di comunicarmelo


Non assenti
ma vivi
nelle stanze del cuore
che ho arredato per voi –

In questa casa
sfilano ricordi
risuonano risa
echi di parole –

E gesti d’amore
avvolgono ancora
questa figlia che
non vuole sentirsi orfana –

I was invited on Facebook by Lucia Triolo to participate in the DECADE OF APPROACHING CULTURES – International virtual exhibition
I will post a poem every day

My 3rd poem can be translated more or less like this


Not absent
but alive
in the chambers of my heart
I furnished for you –

In this place
memories parade
and laughter
and echoes of words –

Gestures of love still
wrap this daughter
who doesn’t want to feel
like an orphan-

Immagine flickr di Gandalf’s Gallery : David Hockney – My Parents [1977] – Tate Gallery, London –

33 thoughts on “Genitori ✍️

  1. This is a beautiful poem and I appreciate you translating it into English. I love this stanza and had never thought about it in this way.
    Gestures of love still
    wrap this daughter
    who doesn’t want to feel
    like an orphan-
    Wonderful tribute t o your enduring love for your parents.

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    1. Dearest Pat, I am really glad to know that you liked my words. 🙏🙏🙏
      I translated this short poem because some of my readers don’t see the translator. However, translating from English into Italian is much easier for me because I’m Italian and I try to give the emotions that the lines arouse in me. A poem from Italian into English is much more difficult for me

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