We are all annoyed when we receive those multiple unsolicited and unwanted commercial messages sent to large numbers of recipients.
The very first unwelcome bulk commercial email was sent on 3rd May 1978 by a man named Gary Thuerk , a Digital Equipment Corporation marketing representative, to every ARPANET address on the west coast of the United States

ARPANET was the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network that had been developed by the US Department of Defense long before the Internet became part of our lives.

The message promoted the availability of a new model of computer and was sent to 393 recipients in the form of a single, mass email.
The reaction to the message was negative, many people who received this email got highly irritated and complained to US Defence Department. One even claimed that the message had shut down his system.

However it was only in 1993 that the term “spam” was used.
This term comes from a Monty Python’s Flying Circus sketch set in a small café where two customers are trying to order breakfast from a menu that includes Spam in almost every dish.
While the waitress is declaiming the Spam-filled menu, a crowd of Vikings start chanting in chorus “Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam… Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!”.

Spam – a contraction of “SPiced hAM” – was a brand of canned cooked pork which became popular worldwide after its use during World War II, when the difficulty of delivering fresh meat to the front made Spam always present in the U.S. soldier’s diet.

64 thoughts on “Spam

  1. It wouldn’t be my choice of something to eat now, but it was regularly dished up when I was younger. Spam fritters used to be a favourite of mine., and who can ever forget that Monty Python sketch?

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  2. bien sur j’aime le boléro 🙂 merci mais vois comme les notes reviennent et sont les mêmes c’est donc dans le tout simple que l’on peut faire du beau:)
    pour toi j’ai cueilli dans mon jardin cela. Vois plus bas
    Il y aura.
    et tu me diras.
    _il y a-t-il quelqu’un?
    _Qui y aura-t-il après moi?
    _Il y aura des souvenirs
    Il y aura des soupirs
    Il y aura des remords
    Et tout sera mort.
    Il y aura des regrets
    D’avoir tout manqué.
    Il y aura mes mains tendues
    vers les jours à jamais perdus;
    Des jours qu’on ne rattrapera plus.
    Il faudra que l’on se souvienne;
    un jour de notre passé,
    De notre histoire ancienne,
    Du gout de nos baisers.
    Puisque la vie va nous séparer,
    Donnons nous l’illusion le rêve,
    Accordons nous la trêve
    D’encore mieux nous aimer.
    (déja paru) édité

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  3. Molto interessante e divertente la storia dello Spam. Una parola che si usa spesso ma della quale non si conosceva l’origine. Grazie Luisa, è bello imparare con un sorriso!!!! 🙂

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  4. ls étaient dans la brume
    C’était une nuit sans lune.
    La rizière serpentait entre des buttes de terre
    Hommes,femmes,enfants fuyaient la mort la guerre.
    Face à eux des soldats armés les cherchaient,
    Enfoncés dans l’eau glaçait ils durent se cacher.
    Le silence devenu plus lourd s’imposait…
    Mais il y avait un tout petit bébé,
    De froid de faim il se mis à gémir.
    Le père désespéré hélas du choisir,
    La mort certaine de dix personnes.Vietnam The Real War 2
    Tinta dans sa tête comme un glas qui sonne.
    Il serra son amour,son enfant dans ses bras,
    Glissa dans la boue et on ne les revit pas.

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  5. Luisa, you are fantastic in finding fascinating news. The whole article is great, from the first commercial to Spam.
    I first came across Spam when I moved to England and and purchased a tin. Hmm.. the first and the last.
    However Spam is still sold in supermarkets so the wartime meat is not forgotten.

    Neat way of packaging for bulk.

    Great work


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  6. Spam was the only thing my father, a WWII Vet, refused to eat. He was a very sweet man. Did you know that spam sushi is a huge favorite in Hawaii? Love Monty Python most of the time. Dr. Demento in the 1970s used to play the Spam song on his radio show on Sunday evenings. Spam, spam, spamity spam….

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