Mary Oliver and Love (2)

In her poem “Sometimes” from Red Bird published in 2008 Mary Oliver (see here) says also something about love.

§ 5

Two or three times in my life I discovered love.
Each time it seemed to solve everything.
Each time it solved a great many things
but not everything.
Yet left me as grateful as if it had indeed, and
thoroughly, solved everything.

§ 5

Due o tre volte nella mia vita ho scoperto l’amore.
Ogni volta sembrava che risolvesse tutto.
Ogni volta ha risolto parecchie cose
ma non tutto.
Eppure mi ha lasciato grata come se avesse veramente e
scrupolosamente risolto tutto.

75 thoughts on “Mary Oliver and Love (2)

      1. Mi piace molto Mary Oliver solo che in rete trovo sue poesie ma soltanto in inglese devo anche mettermi lì a tradurre uffi, se poi esagero alla notte sogno in inglese, non ricordo mai i sogni ma quando parlo, leggo o scrivo in altre lingue alla notte poi sogno nella lingua utilizzata nel giorno 🙃, che poi le lingue si riducono all’inglese e al francese non sono una poliglotta 🙃

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  1. hmmm… sure the poem is brilliant but really is love so elusive…..

    love on its own is sheer madness,
    heart fluttering, speech spluttering, tongue stuttering, eyes and ears mutterings of signs of the another’s something,
    something so much it is Mary Olivers everything,
    and 2 or 3 times in a life time, keeps it a precious and rare to find thing,
    and it is at this that I dispair,
    for the love we know is a kind thing,
    already pledged and with a ring that binds things,
    it is afterall a loving-kindness thing,
    a couplet divine thing,
    an eternal gift in all and sublime thing,
    not just a human kind thing,
    a last for all time thing,
    an each and everyday thing,
    a glint in the eye of a passer-by thing,
    the smell of rain just stopped thing,
    all these things does loving-kindness bring,
    it is when all is said and done,
    an endless bringing thing,
    bigger in abundance than the Mary Oliver 2 or 3 times thing,
    so, go on,
    try out,
    this loving-kindness thing,
    it’s quite simple,
    it’s a noticing thing

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