A stolen shot

My nephew got married last Saturday. I received wedding participation and took part with my sons in the ceremony, convinced that a reception had been avoided in times of pandemic.You can imagine the sadness I felt when I discovered in the churchyard that over a hundred people were going to a banquet from which we… Read More A stolen shot

9 and 14: September 14th (Me and Mr. Jones)

Amy Winehouse was born in London on 14 September 1983: she would be thirty-eight today The English singer-songwriter was admired for her song writing and her immediately recognisable contralto vocal range and soul-jazz style.Her second and final album, “Back to Black”, released in 2006 is predominantly based on her tumultuous relationship with Blake Fielder, then-ex-boyfriend… Read More 9 and 14: September 14th (Me and Mr. Jones)