“Pictures of Autumn” / 1

The leaves fall patiently
Nothing remembers or grieves
The river takes to the sea
The yellow drift of leaves

Sara Teasdale
from: Dark of the Moon (1926) – II. Pictures of Autumn – “September Day”

In 1918, Sara Teasdale won the Columbia University Poetry Society Prize for her collection Love Songs.
The prize was later officially renamed the Pulitzer Prize, after newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer
Weakened after a difficult bout with pneumonia, she died by suicide in 1933.

Le foglie cadono silenti
nulla suscita ricordi o tormenti;
verso il mare il fiume trascina
delle foglie la deriva paglierina.

64 thoughts on ““Pictures of Autumn” / 1

    1. I ricordi e i tormenti, quelli che ti prendono lo stomaco e lo serrano in una morsa dolorosa, quelli che ti assalgono di sorpresa, quando meno te l’aspetti…
      A volte vorrei tanto avere una giornata da mangiatore di loto, un’amnesia per ricaricare le forze
      Un abbraccio Claudia!

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  1. Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean,
    Tears from the depth of some divine despair
    Rise in the heart, and gather to the eyes,
    In looking on the happy autumn-fields,
    And thinking of the days that are no more.


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  2. पत्ते स्वयं को ईश्वर पर छोड़ देते हैं,पानी की धारा जिधर ले जाये खुद को मोड देते हैं

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