Joseph McCabe

Joseph McCabe was a prolific English writer and orator born on November 12, 1867. He entered the Franciscan order at fifteen and was ordained a priest, but then he quit priesthood becoming a supporter of free thought.

He said: “I am what is called a Feminist. Thirty years ago I left a monastery and began a sane human existence. Within two or three years, I find, I was defending the rights of women.” (The Story of Religious Controversy)

Another three quotes.

The theist and the scientist are rival interpreters of nature, the one retreats as the other advances”. (The Existence of God).

“An idea or institution may arise for one reason and be maintained for quite a different reason.” (The Psychology of Religion)

A law of nature is not a formula drawn up by a legislator, but a mere summary of the observed facts – a “bundle of facts.” Things do not act in a particular way because there is a law, but we state the “law” because they act in that way.”(The Existence of God).

Joseph McCabe fu un prolifico scrittore inglese e oratore nato il 12 novembre 1867. Entrò nell’ordine francescano a quindici anni e fu ordinato sacerdote, ma poi abbandonò l’abito talare, diventando un convinto sostenitore del libero pensiero.

Dichiarò: “Io sono ciò che viene chiamato femminista. Trent’anni fa ho lasciato un monastero e ho iniziato una sana esistenza umana. Nel giro di due o tre anni, scopro che stavo difendendo i diritti delle donne”. (La storia della controversia religiosa)

Altre tre citazioni:

“Il credente e lo scienziato sono interpreti rivali della natura, l’uno si ritrae mentre l’altro avanza.” (L’esistenza di Dio).

“Un’idea o un’istituzione può nascere per una ragione ed essere mantenuta per una ragione completamente diversa”. (La psicologia della religione)

Una legge di natura non è una formula elaborata da un legislatore, ma una mera sintesi dei fatti osservati – un “fascio di fatti”. Le cose non agiscono in un modo particolare perché c’è una legge, ma noi enunciamo la “legge” perché loro agiscono in quel modo”. (L’esistenza di Dio).

33 thoughts on “Joseph McCabe

  1. I must admit with prople who proclaimed themselves feminists (and I include people like Suffragettes, which must habe been around the same time) – what would their views have been about e.g. racism.

    Because these days we think of sexeral -isms as “hate crimes”. I wonder if they did the same?

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      1. Don’t worry, did not expect an answer. But also at that time colonialism was rife. I wonder how an Enfglishman/woman (even an intellectual) would have felt about an Indian, say, or an Irishman/woman? I wonder what polite society really thought of e.g. Wilde?

        It’s a shame those thoughts were never recorded

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    1. A Franciscan turned feminist , Joseph McCabe was quite right when he held that the law of nature was not drawn by the legislators but was observed on the basis of established facts . Similarly an idea or institution may arise due to different reason but may work for different . Likewise , thiest and scientist are rival interpreters of nature , the former retreats and the latter advances . All quotes are quite right and undoubtedly correct as his becoming a feminist . Thanks !

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  2. Avrà anche abbandonato l’abito talare, ma è rimasto un gran religioso. Forse diventando oratore sarà riuscito a dimostrare più che mai con vari esempi , l’esistenza di Dio.

    Non conoscevo questo scrittore e oratore. Ti ringrazio pertanto per avermelo fatto conoscere! Grazie Luisa cara! 🙂 ❤

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  3. People like Joseph McCabe certainly had a mind of his or her own, but I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t quite equate with mine. I love the fact that you throw all these different people at us, many of whom I have never heard of, and that’s what I like about your posts Luisa. I’m sure, or at least hope, that you can see that not all of us can agree with everything and everybody that your brilliant posts throw at us. 💙

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    1. My dear Malc, I do understand that not all can agree with everyone else on everything, and I am pleased if some voices are raised to express opposite opinions provided , as in your case and in the vast majority of my friends, this is done with seriousness and politeness.
      Have a lovely evening 💙

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