Byron Was a Romeo

This poem was dedicated by Pat to Byron, the cat I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Here’s how I tried to render it in Italian, seeking to keep both rhymes and meaning

꧁✫°*”•.° °.•”*°✫꧂  🐈 ꧁✫°*”•.° °.•”*°✫꧂ 🐈  ꧁✫°*”•.° °.•”*°✫꧂

Questa poesia è stata dedicata da Pat a Byron, il gatto di cui ho parlato nel post di ieri. Ecco come ho cercato di renderla in Italiano, tentando di mantenere rime e significato

Byron il micio è un Romeo
con le signore fa il cicisbeo
visitando ognuna nel proprio giardino
prima di trasferirsi in quello vicino.

Fa le fusa e si lascia accarezzare
magari facendo anche una siesta
prima di andare a visitare
la prossima signora quando lui si desta.

Benvenuto è il suo girotondo
per le dame il momento clou delle giornate
grazie a questo Romeo vagabondo
che visita le sue signore affezionate


Dedicated to Luisa and her new friend, Byron

Byron was a Romeo
From lady to lady he would go
visiting each in her very own space
before moving to the next lady's place

He'd snuggle and purr
maybe taking a nap
before moving on 
to the next lady's lap

His company was welcome
the highlight of their days
this wandering Romeo
a neighborhood stray

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45 thoughts on “Byron Was a Romeo

      1. It was a wonderful experience, but it took 9 months for Freddie to become very close to me and he never visited other people. He was also very intelligent, as he needed many skills to survive as a feral cat.


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    1. I called Byron the orphaned cat who comes to my garden and then leaves, maybe to take other caresses elsewhere, and Pat decided to compare him to Romeo, without knowing that my neighbor, when the cat goes to visit her, calls him Romeo.

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    1. I don’t know what his name is, but when I call him Byron he gets close to me. Maybe it’s just because of the sound of my voice. Who knows!
      I gave him that name because he is identical to a cat that I had many years ago who was called that way. He was given the name Byron because when he arrived home, the first thing he did was to go and lie down on the sheets on which I was taking notes for my thesis, which was about Lord Byron

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  1. Byron was also a Romantic Poet, enthusing about Greece, fighting with a sword between the teeth …

    He was a man of his times and a man for ALL times. Even though he dresses like his contemporaries and certainly spoke a lot like them, there was something individual and unique in his eyes…

    — Catxman


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