The Half-Full Glass

Norman Vincent Peale – born on 31 May 1898 – was an American Protestant clergyman and writer, known as the father of positive thinking, a form of thinking that seeks to derive the best results from the worst conditions, taking obstacles as creative opportunities, welcoming their challenge and looking for ways to turn them into… Read More The Half-Full Glass

G. K. Chesterton 

G.K. Chesterton (Gilbert Keith) was an English author and lay theologian, born on 29 May 1874, who created the fictional priest-detective Father Brown.He loved turning ideas inside out, for this reason he has often been referred to as the ‘Prince of Paradox’The following poem, “Donkey”, was written in 1927, a few years after his conversion… Read More G. K. Chesterton 

Tautogramma in Ⓐ

Il gioco linguistico proposto da Eletta Senso questa settimana è un tautogramma in Ⓐ. Come sapete, si tratta di un gioco linguistico in cui quasi tutte tutte le parole iniziano con la stessa lettera, in questo caso la vocale Ⓐ. Augurio Andiamo avanti amiciauspichiamo abbondanti anniaffollati di appagamento, affetti e allegriae abituiamoci ad allontanare dall’animoangosce,… Read More Tautogramma in Ⓐ