The Ghost Ship  at the Sandbar/2

On 13 February 1748, Lady Lovibond, a three mast legendary schooner, wrecked on the Goodwin Sands, off the Kent coast of south-east England. (see here)

Exactly fifty years later , on 13 February 1798, the captain of the ship “Edenbridge” recorded in his logbook that he nearly collided with a three-masted schooner and also reported hearing the sounds of a celebration coming from the ship as it unravelled. The collision was avoided for a few meters, but the thing that terrified him was that a few seconds later the ship became evanescent and disappeared into thin air. His testimony was also confirmed by a fishing boat that was in the area at the time.
A rescue team was dispatched immediately, but was unable to find any sign of the ship or its passengers.

Another fifty years passed and again on 13 February 1848 the crew of a fishing boat had to jump into the water to avoid colliding with a ship. The appearance was so convincing that lifeboats were set from Deal to rescue the survivors, but when they arrived, there was no sign of an accident, only the fishing boat stranded there.

The same happened in 1898 when locals saw a three-masted schooner surrounded by a whitish light as it entered the shallows. Again, no evidence of a wreck was found.
The last report was filed on 13 February 1948 by Captain Bull Prestwick, who claimed to have seen a real ship approaching and not a ghost ship, but bathed in a strange and brilliant green glow. This time there was no impact and the three-masted ship simply passed by the Goodwin Sands and disappeared shortly thereafter.

The folktales of the ghost ship that reappears every fifty years created so much attention that many curious people went to the Sands in 1998 to catch a glimpse of the legendary ship but were all disappointed when no ship appeared.

La goletta fantasma che appare alla secca/2

Il 13 febbraio 1748 la leggendaria goletta a tre alberi “Lady Lovibond” fece naufragio alle secche di Goodwin Sands, al largo della costa del Kent, nel sud-est dell’Inghilterra. (qui)

Esattamente cinquant’anni dopo, il 13 febbraio 1798, il capitano della nave “Edenbridge” registrò nel suo diario di bordo di essere quasi entrato in collisione con una goletta a tre alberi e riferì anche di aver udito i rumori di una festa provenire dalla nave mentre si disfaceva. Lo scontro fu evitato per pochi metri, ma la cosa che terrorizzò l’uomo fu che la nave pochi secondi dopo diventò evanescente e sparì nel nulla. La sua testimonianza fu confermata anche da un peschereccio che era in quel momento nella zona. Fu inviata subito una squadra di soccorso ma non riuscì a trovare alcun segno della nave o dei suoi passeggeri.

Passarono altri cinquant’anni e di nuovo il 13 febbraio 1848 l‘equipaggio di un peschereccio dovette saltare in acqua per evitare di scontrarsi con una nave. Il suo aspetto era così convincente che furono inviate da Deal scialuppe di salvataggio per salvare i sopravvissuti, ma quando arrivarono non trovarono alcun segno di incidente, solo il peschereccio che si era arenato lì.

Lo stesso accadde nel 1898 quando la gente del posto vide una goletta a tre alberi circondata da una luce biancastra mentre entrava nella secca. Anche questa volta, non fu trovata alcuna prova di relitto.

L ‘ultimo rapporto fu depositato il 13 febbraio 1948 dal capitano Bull Prestwick, che affermò di aver visto avvicinarsi una vera nave e non una nave fantasma, ma immersa in uno strano e brillante bagliore verde. Quella volta non vi fu alcun impatto e la nave con tre alberi semplicemente passò nei pressi delle Goodwin Sands e sparì poco dopo.

I racconti popolari della nave fantasma che riappare ogni cinquant’anni hanno creato così tanta attenzione che molti curiosi sono andati alla secca nel 1998 per intravedere la nave leggendaria, ma sono rimasti tutti delusi quando nessuna nave è apparsa.

Image: Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky – Storm (1872)

64 thoughts on “The Ghost Ship  at the Sandbar/2

  1. Thank you, Luisa, for your fascinating ghost story! One of the lovelies films is “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”, which
    I love watching. Although I don’t believe in ghosts, the stories of dispossessed spirits wandering the earth make for interesting reading, including my favorite “Christmas Carol.”


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    1. Thanks a lot, Joanna
      I like ghost stories too, as long as they’re not too scary. Lately I’ve been watching an old American television series, “Ghost Whisperer”, whose protagonist has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts and to help them resolve their problems and cross over into the spirit world.

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  2. Luisa ! The second part of the story is more interesting . That the ghost ship appeared after every alternative fifty years and disappeared . This phenomenon appeared till recently in 1998 . It appears to be true that some ghost/spirit also exist in this world apart from human beings . Today I am not going in detail of your story as it is there. But with your kind permission , I would like to cite about an experience that of mine . It was perhaps the year of 1998 or so . I was on the government duty in a place called Chakardharpur ( now in the state of Jharkhand , India , but previously part of Bihar ) . I was on Dashahara ( a festival of India) duty for law and order . I was staying in a double storey big lonely house that night quite away from my posting place . It was raining cats and dogs for all most entire night . I was sleeping in a small room of that mysterious big house . And the electricity of the entire town was off . No body was on road . Entire market was shut . And in that big old building I was sleeping alone. At about 12 O’clock (at midnight) , the wood bar of the roof of my room caught fire automatically . I woke up and I saw the fire growing . Once I thought that I was dreaming . But that wasn’t the case . I was awoken indeed . I wanted to run away from the house that night . But the entire town was in darkness . Moreover , torrential rain was on and on. So , I ultimately decided to remain there in that room only for entire night without thinking of the consequences . And after five minutes the fire was off automatically . Nobody appeared before me . But I was so frightened that I couldn’t sleep at that night in that lonely room of that lonely big house . And out of fear at about four O’clock I left that building for my actual destination . So Luisa , some power does exist which you may call as ghost , spirit , devil , or by whatever name . But it appears so . And as my story is true , so might be the story of the ghost of wrecked ship around Goodwin Sands . Thanks again Luisa for bringing about before us such a nice mysterious story , but mine was true .

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    1. Dear Arbind, the experience you lived that night is fascinating and frightening at the same time,
      I too am convinced that there are so many invisible forces around us that only a few have the ability to notice.


  3. Wow. This is one of the best posts. I thoroughly loved reading the story of the ghost ship. Great story and wonderful presentation, dear Luisa. You always rock. ♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  4. Good lord, what an incredible story! Thank you so much Luisa for sharing this second part of the story and the history of it all with us. I’ve never heard anything like it before but find it fascinating. Love and light, Deborah.

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    1. I agree with what you say, Priscilla. There are so many strange events in the world –> do you remember? “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, / Than are dreamt of in your philosophy”
      and another strange thing, as you write, is that it didn’t appear in 1998 🙏

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  5. quando c’è troppa curiosità la nave fantasma fa cucù e marameo. Chissà sel 2048 il 13 febbraio si palesa di nuovo. La mia curiosità rimarrà tale perché per quella data non ci sarò più. 😀

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