Lady Hamilton in Naples – Queen Maria Carolina (Part 9)

Charming and full of verve, Lady Hamilton acquired great influence at court thanks to her close friendship with the Queen. Maria Carolina of Habsburg-Lorraine probably intrigued by this lively woman who was so different from the bored and cynical courtiers who surrounded her, In their correspondence with each other, the Queen began signing her letters… Read More Lady Hamilton in Naples – Queen Maria Carolina (Part 9)

Lady Hamilton in Naples – After the  Marriage (Part 8)

Two days after the marriage, Emma , who had now officially become Lady Hamilton, and her husband returned to Naples. The diplomat was immediately presented with a bill from his nephew Greville: the sum he had spent for the education and maintenance of Emma Carew, Emma Hamilton’s daughter born in 1782 and immediately placed by… Read More Lady Hamilton in Naples – After the  Marriage (Part 8)

Tautogramma in

Questa settimana Eletta Senso (Inchiostronerodenso) ha proposto un Tautogramma inⓈ. Ecco il mio testo: ScrivereScatenaSensazioniStupende ScrivereSpingeSu sentieriSoleggiati ScrivereSgretolaSilenziStrazianti ScrivereSuscitaSogniStrabilianti Se volete giocare con noi, i vostri testi saranno riportati qui sotto⤵️ Kikkakonekka – Non sono ipocondriaco Sogno sempre Silvia.Sigh.Sospiro.Spero sempre sia sorridente, suppongo si sappia. Paolina – amareilmare SoffiaSempreSciroccoSulleSpiagge delSud Luisella – Tra Italia e… Read More Tautogramma in Ⓢ


“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.” Lin Yutang, Chinese writer, translator and essayist, born on 10 October 1895. I take the opportunity of this quote on travelling to inform you that I will be absent for about ten days:… Read More Wanderlust

Lady Hamilton in Naples (Part 6)

➡️Part 1➡️Part 2➡️Part 3➡️Part 4➡️Part 5 At Hamilton‘s side, Emma regularly took part in dinners and social events , together with the richest and most influential people of Neapolitan society,At the Palazzo Sessa luxurious dinners were frequently hosted , during which Emma entertained their guests with her intelligent conversation, her captivating character and her charm,… Read More Lady Hamilton in Naples (Part 6)