Elbert Hubbard, born on 19 June 1856 , was an American writer, philosopher, and artist who died with his wife aboard the RMS Lusitania which was sunk by a German submarine off the coast of Ireland on 7 May 1915.One of the survivors wrote to Hubbard’s son to tell him that his parents refused to… Read More Silence


Harry Browne (17 June 1933 – 2006) was an American politician, libertarian writer and public speaker, investment analyst and the author of more than twenty books and thousands of articles. In his 1995 book “Why Government Doesn’t Work” he wrote: “The politicians’ stirring phrases are meant to keep our eyes averted from the reality of… Read More War

Identity Crisis

German-American psychologist and psychoanalyst Erik Homburger Erikson was born on 15 June 1902 in Frankfurt, Germany.He is best known for his theory of psychosocial development and the concept of “identity crisis”, one of the most important conflicts people face during the developmental process. His theories marked a major shift in dealing with personality: instead of… Read More Identity Crisis

El “Che”

Ernesto “Che” Guevara (14 June 1928 – 9 October 1967) “Las palabras que no coinciden con los hechos no son importantes”.“No soy un libertador. Los liberadores no existen. Los pueblos se liberan solos”.“La democracia no es compatible con la oligarquía financiera”.“Los verdaderos revolucionarios se adornan por dentro, no por fuera” “Le parole che non corrispondono… Read More El “Che”

Djuna Barnes

American novelist, poet, illustrator, and playwright Djuna Barnes was born on 12 June 1892, and died in June 1982, six days after her 90th birthday.She was the last surviving member of the first generation of English-language modernists. Her free-love polygamist father, who was an unsuccessful composer, musician, and painter, had married Djuna’s mother in 1889,… Read More Djuna Barnes

Leonardo da Vinci

Italian Renaissance architect, musician, inventor, engineer, sculptor, and painter Leonardo da Vinci, died at Amboise, in France on 2 May 1519. His drawings and writings are collected in the twelve volumes of the Codex Atlanticus (Atlantic Codex) whose name indicates the large format of an atlas of the dimension 650×440 mm and the atlas-like breadth… Read More Leonardo da Vinci