In Italy it is Friday the 17th (which occurs on a month starting on Wednesday) and not the 13th that is considered a day of bad luck. Instead, the number 13 is a lucky number, for us. Just as some Western airlines sometimes avoid including the 13th row on planes, you might find number 17… Read More 17

Edgar Allan Poe

On October 3, 1849 Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) was found wandering in the streets of Baltimore, outside a tavern known as Gunner’s Hall, delirious and wearing someone else’s clothes. That was the last time he was seen in public. He was taken to the local hospital, where he slipped in and out of a coma,… Read More Edgar Allan Poe

Confucius (28 September 551 BC – 479 BC)

Confucius, the influential Chinese philosopher, teacher, and politician, was born on 28 September. He is famous for his popular aphorisms and his models of social interaction. His philosophy emphasized morality, correctness, justice and sincerity. His teachings, collected in the “Analects” (i.e. “selected passages”), are as applicable to us today as they were  in the fourth… Read More Confucius (28 September 551 BC – 479 BC)