Paul Simon: “The Boxer” (2.Analysis –second part)

For the first part see here:Paul Simon: “The Boxer” (2.Analysis – first part) Verse 4 Now the years are rolling by methey are rockin’ evenlyI am older than I once wasand younger than I’ll be and that’s not unusual.No it isn’t strangeafter changes upon changeswe are more or less the sameafter changes we are more or… Read More Paul Simon: “The Boxer” (2.Analysis –second part)


Summer for thee grant I may beWhen summer days are flown!Thy music still when whippoorwillAnd oriole are done! For thee to bloom, I’ll skip the tombAnd sow my blossoms o’er!Pray gather me, Anemone,Thy flower forevermore! Emily Dickinson – Poems (1858) In this poem Emily Dickinson claims that love can do anything. Even death becomes nothing,… Read More Anemone


Un bellissimo articolo di LAMPMAGICIAN dal titolo “Without Lou. there would be no Zarathustra”, che potete leggere qui:, mi ha riportato alla mente questo mio vecchio divertissement: LOULo conoscevo da solo due giorniquando mi disse “Sposami”“No- risposi- non voglio sentirmi ingabbiatain un rapporto di coppia”.Talmente improvvisa venne la domanda:“E se fossimo in tre?”che finii… Read More Lou