In one of the comments to yesterday’s post, containing the quote from Nelson Mandela, our friend Alessandro Gianesini who blogs at Parola di Scrib recalled the poem “Invictus”, Nelson Mandela’s companion during his long imprisonment.Mandela used to read it throughout his 27-year imprisonment during the apartheid period, because of its message of self-masteryThis poem has… Read More Invictus

P. Sidney’s Moon: “With how sad steps­­…”

These are the first words of Sonnet 31, which belongs to the collection “Astrophil and Stella” (c. 1582) by Sir Philip Sidney, begins. This is the first major sonnet sequence written in English, which tells the story of Astrophil and his hopeless passion for Stella.Sidney actually is reflecting on his unrequited love for Penelope Devereux… Read More P. Sidney’s Moon: “With how sad steps­­…”