The Secret

Two girls discoverthe secret of lifein a sudden line ofpoetry. I who don’t know thesecret wrotethe line. Theytold me (through a third person)they had found itbut not what it wasnot even what line it was. No doubtby now, more than a weeklater, they have forgottenthe secret, the line, the name ofthe poem. I love themfor… Read More The Secret

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice Some say the world will end in fire,Some say in ice.From what I’ve tasted of desireI hold with those who favor fire.But if it had to perish twice,I think I know enough of hateTo say that for destruction iceIs also greatAnd would suffice. “Fire and Ice” is a popular symbolic poem by… Read More Fire and Ice

Danse Russe

One of the suggestions contained in yesterday’s post on how to overcome loneliness was to enjoy it by doing things “you can only do when we’re on your own, like dancing naked or jumping on the bed.” The pleasure of dancing naked in front of the mirror was shared by William Carlos Williams this poem:… Read More Danse Russe


ALONE From childhood’s hour I have not beenAs others were — I have not seenAs others saw — I could not bringMy passions from a common spring —From the same source I have not takenMy sorrow — I could not awakenMy heart to joy at the same tone —And all I lov’d — I lov’d… Read More Alone