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(In the following poem, written today for a dear online friend ~ Louisa Zambrotta of WP’s Words and Music and Stories ~ the revolving rainbows resulted from the refractions of her crystal ring in the unaccustomed ray of sunshine made available by a slight loosening of the poet’s curtains,…

WCW: “Arrival”

William Carlos Williams (born on 17 September 1883) was an American poet associated with the Imagist movement, who rejected traditional conventions of rhyme and meter, and used brusque, colloquial, and incisive American-English in his poetry. (see here) Here is a poem taken from one of his early collections, “Sour Grapes ” (1921) Arrival And yet… Read More WCW: “Arrival”

Mother Love 🎶

Yesterday Freddie Mercury would have turned 75. In November 1995, four years after his death, the posthumous album “Made in Heaven” was released. It contains the song “Mother Love”, co-written with Brian May and the last vocal recording made by Mercury before his death.May stated; ” Freddie at that time said ‘Write me stuff… I… Read More Mother Love 🎶