Serenity Prayer

Reinhold Niebuhr (born on 21 June 1892) was an American theologian famous for his studies on the possibility of relating the Christian faith to the realities of modern politics and diplomacy. In his “Letter from Birmingham Jail” Martin Luther King Jr., who claimed he had been more influenced by Niebuhr’s social and ethical ideals than… Read More Serenity Prayer


“Happiness is not reliable. Melancholy is reliable.” American author Joyce Carol Oates was born on 16 June 1938. Known for her extensive literary output in a variety of styles and genres, she has published over fifty novels, as well as many volumes of short stories, poetry, and non-fiction.She is one of the most insightful observers… Read More Occult

Brown Penny

William Butler Yeats, one of the greatest poets of the 20th century, was born at Sandymount (near Dublin, Ireland) on 13 June 1865. In 1923 received the Nobel Prize for Literature. “Brown Penny” 🪙 I whispered, “I am too young,”And then, “I am old enough”;Wherefore I threw a pennyTo find out if I might love.“Go… Read More Brown Penny

G. K. Chesterton 

G.K. Chesterton (Gilbert Keith) was an English author and lay theologian, born on 29 May 1874, who created the fictional priest-detective Father Brown.He loved turning ideas inside out, for this reason he has often been referred to as the ‘Prince of Paradox’The following poem, “Donkey”, was written in 1927, a few years after his conversion… Read More G. K. Chesterton