Mama Jazz

“Some kids in Italy call me ‘Mama Jazz’; I thought that was so cute. As long as they don’t call me ‘Grandma Jazz.’” Ella Fitzgerald, the most popular female jazz singer for more than half a century, died on 15 June 1996, twenty-five years ago.She was often referred to as Lady Ella, the First Lady… Read More Mama Jazz

‘Freestyle rap battle’ e tenzone (2)

(Please scroll down for English text)  I testi ‘rap’ prevedono una sequenza di versi prevalentemente brevi, fortemente ritmati e ricchi di assonanze e allitterazioni, di tono satirico, polemico o addirittura diffamatorio. E’ un tipo di duello verbale che affonda le sue radici nel medioevo, periodo in cui fiorì il genere poetico della tenzóne. Il nome… Read More ‘Freestyle rap battle’ e tenzone (2)

Tom Jones

Welsh singer Sir Thomas John Woodward (known professionally as Tom Jones) is 81 today! 🍕 In December 1967 he recorded “Delilah” (lyrics by Barry Mason and music by Les Reed) and, singing it in his dramatic fashion, he managed to make it a top hit all over the world. This song is about a crime… Read More Tom Jones

Rap (1)

Is rap a foreign language? In 2003, a court battle started over a copyright issue between the Ant’ill Mob label Confetti Records and the Heartless Crew’s label Warner UK, who had used some lyrics on a remix.A three-judge panel heard arguments about what was taken from the original song and tried to rule on the… Read More Rap (1)

Waterloo Sunset 🎶

On 5 May 1967 the Kinks released “Waterloo Sunset”, a single which was also their first single available in true stereo.The song was originally entitled “Liverpool Sunset”, because songwriter and singer Ray Davies loved the city and its music.But when The Beatles released “Penny Lane”, the title changed because another song about Liverpool may have… Read More Waterloo Sunset 🎶