“Journey Of The Magi” – Frank Turner

…..Balthazar rode for seven long years, eastwards and far,he followed his star, and it brought him here.To a stable in ruins in some backwater town,to a virgin defiled, no king but a child, too small for a crown. He sang  “I could have lived with my Gods as a Persian prince,I could’ve played safe,but in… Read More “Journey Of The Magi” – Frank Turner

Mother Love 🎶

Yesterday Freddie Mercury would have turned 75. In November 1995, four years after his death, the posthumous album “Made in Heaven” was released. It contains the song “Mother Love”, co-written with Brian May and the last vocal recording made by Mercury before his death.May stated; ” Freddie at that time said ‘Write me stuff… I… Read More Mother Love 🎶

Notte della Taranta 🕷️ Night of the Tarantula

The Night of the Tarantula (La Notte della Taranta) is a music festival that takes place every year in Salento, Apulia, (Italy),and one of the most significant manifestations on popular culture in Europe.Since its beginnings in 1998, the event, which celebrates the importance of the folk music tradition of Tarantella and Pizzica, has grown exponentially… Read More Notte della Taranta 🕷️ Night of the Tarantula

Barbara Allen/2

As I’ve already written (here) “Barbara Allen” began as a ballad in the seventeenth century or earlier and was published and performed under many different titles, in a vast array of tunes and narrative details.The earliest text was published in London in 1690, under the title “Barbara Allen’s cruelty: or, the young-man’s tragedy”. It appeared… Read More Barbara Allen/2