How being bilingual can help keep your brain in good condition

How being bilingual can help keep your brain in good condition by Steffanie Zazulak March 21, 2017 (PEARSON ENGLISH) Learning and understanding a new language is one of the most challenging things that your brain can do. But as well as the advantage of acquiring another language, it appears that the effort of giving your… Read More How being bilingual can help keep your brain in good condition


CHANCE = The unknown , fortuitous , unpredictable element in happenings without discernible human intention or observable cause BY CHANCE = Without plan, accidentally;  in the haphazard course of events SECOND CHANCE = opportunity to try something again. Synonyms : another try another opportunity second try another attempt


… In the du Maurier novel, the woman narrator is certainly jealous because her husband, Maxim de Winter, seems to have loved his first wife Rebecca more than he loves her, his new bride. But Rebecca is a good example of how hard it is to distinguish jealousy from envy; since Rebecca herself is dead,… Read More Rebecca

Jealousy (second part)

Who is non Guilty of this Vice?                                                                 D. Johnson – abridged Valérie Trierweiler, the dismissed mistress of the French president, dealt with her jealousy in her memoir Thank You for This Moment, an account of her brief reign as President François Hollande’s première dame,  Hollande had fathered the four children of his long-time companion, another… Read More Jealousy (second part)


  Who Is Not Guilty of This Vice?                                       – Diane Johnson – (abridged)   Love makes the world go around, says the poet, while the cynic says it’s money; and Peter Toohey, professor of classics at the University of Calgary, constructs an entertaining argument for jealousy being the wellspring of a much greater part of… Read More Jealousy