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➡️Part 1➡️Part 2➡️Part 3a➡️Part 3b Pietro Aretino & His Sonnets When the papacy banned this second edition of “I modi” and destroyed every copy they could find, Pietro Aretino went to Venice, where he spent the rest of his life, while Raimondi, the engraved, managed to escape a second imprisonment, but was financially ruined. It… Read More Pietro Aretino /3c

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➡️Part 1➡️Part 2➡️Part 3a Pietro Aretino, Giulio Romano & Marcantonio Raimondi (second part) While engraver Marcantonio Raimondi was imprisoned by the Pope for printing those erotic drawings of sexual positions known as “I Modi (The Ways/The Positions),” or “The Sixteen Pleasures”, Giulio Romano, the source of the original sketches remained untouched because he had produced… Read More Pietro Aretino /3b


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Pietro Aretino (see here) was the prototype of the professional author, able to gain fame and wealth through publication. Celebrated throughout Europe in his time, he was an expert and innovative writer, who exerted a significant influence on sixteenth-century Italian art and politics.His literary attacks on the powerful were daring and insolent, and his fiery… Read More Pietro Aretino/2

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Pietro Aretino was born on 20 April 1492, in Arezzo, Republic of Florence (Italy). He was a distinguished poet, prose writer and playwright, now recognized as the prototype of the professional author, able to gain fame and wealth through publication.His flatterers praised him as a “divine” writer, while his activity as a biting commentator on… Read More Pietro Aretino/1