Man Ray

  Today would have been Man Ray’s 128th birthday. He was born in Philadelphia on August 27, 1890 , and died in France in 1976. This American surrealist photographer and painter spent most of his career in Paris. He said: “I do not photograph nature. I photograph my visions.” “I never knew what I was… Read More Man Ray

The Genius of the Crowd (translation & analysis)

  The Genius and the Crowd – 1909 – Yeghishe Tadevosyan     IL GENIO DELLA MASSA c’è abbastanza perfidia, odio, violenza, assurdità nell’essere umano medio da poter rifornire qualsiasi esercito in qualsiasi giorno e i migliori nell’assassinio sono quelli che vi predicano contro e i migliori nell’odio sono quelli che predicano l’amore e i migliori… Read More The Genius of the Crowd (translation & analysis)