Barbara Allen/2

As I’ve already written (here) “Barbara Allen” began as a ballad in the seventeenth century or earlier and was published and performed under many different titles, in a vast array of tunes and narrative details.The earliest text was published in London in 1690, under the title “Barbara Allen’s cruelty: or, the young-man’s tragedy”. It appeared… Read More Barbara Allen/2

La vita è tornata

Facendo una passeggiata ieri sono passata davanti a una casa da tempo abbandonata e l’ho vista ricoperta di glicine. E’ stata una sorpresa fantastica, una celebrazione della vita Torna la vitae canta là dov’un dìparea perduta I was walking yesterday when I went past a long-abandoned house. I saw it was covered with wisteria and… Read More La vita è tornata

Shakespeare’s two Annes: 1. Anne Hathaway & Daughters (first part)

Anne Hathaway married Shakespeare in 1582, when she was 26 years old and he was only 18.Very little is known about her life beyond a few references in legal documents, but her personality and relationship to Shakespeare have been the subject of much speculation by historians and writers. Hathaway grew up at Shottery, a village… Read More Shakespeare’s two Annes: 1. Anne Hathaway & Daughters (first part)