Break, Break, Break

Poet Alfred Tennyson became Poet Laureate (an eminent poet appointed as a member of the British royal household) on 19 November 1850 after William Wordsworth’s death in April of that year. He held the position until his own death in 1892, the longest tenure of any laureate In 1849 he wrote the long poem “In… Read More Break, Break, Break

The Voice

Thomas Hardy and his first wife Emma had long been estranged when she died in 1912: her death prompted a series of poems which are viewed as being among his best work. In “The Voice”, which deals with love, death, grief, and memories, the poet aments over the loss of his beloved, whose presence is… Read More The Voice

The End Of May

How the wind howls this mornAbout the end of May,And drives June on apaceTo mock the world forlornAnd the world-s joy passed awayAnd my unlonged-for face!The world-s joy passed away;For no more may I deemThat any folk are gladTo see the dawn of daySunder the tangled dreamWherein no grief they had.Ah, through the tangled dreamWhere… Read More The End Of May