Thomas More/2

St. Thomas More’s Prayer for Good Humor Grant me oh Lord, good digestion,and also something to digest. Grant me a healthy body, andthe necessary good humour to maintain it. Grant me a simple soul that knowsto treasure all that is goodand that doesn’t frighten easily at the sight of evil,but rather finds the means to… Read More Thomas More/2

Samuel Butler and Italy (“My Second Country”)

Besides being a distinguished writer and critic, Samuel Butler was also a painter. From the late 1880s onwards, photography became his primary passion and his “snapshots” show his keen talent for finding extraordinary qualities in scenes of ordinary life. After deciding life as an Anglican minister (the occupation for which he was trained) was not… Read More Samuel Butler and Italy (“My Second Country”)

Dryden and Horace

John Dryden (1631 – 12 May 1700) – English poet, literary critic, and playwright., named England’s first poet laureate in 1668. He was also a translator and translated several classic poets, such as Horace, Juvenal, Ovid, Lucretius, and Theocritus, into English In 1685 he wrote a long poem: Imitation of Horace.Here are two stanzas, based… Read More Dryden and Horace

Waterloo Sunset 🎶

On 5 May 1967 the Kinks released “Waterloo Sunset”, a single which was also their first single available in true stereo.The song was originally entitled “Liverpool Sunset”, because songwriter and singer Ray Davies loved the city and its music.But when The Beatles released “Penny Lane”, the title changed because another song about Liverpool may have… Read More Waterloo Sunset 🎶