Pietro Aretino & Michelangelo/3

In November 1545, Pietro Aretino wrote another letter to Michelangelo expressing his admiration for the Last Judgment, but later accusing him of being irreligious and indecent because “You, on the contrary, presenting so awful a subject, exhibit saints and angels, these without earthly decency, and those without celestial honours.” The letter continued disapproving of Michelangelo’s… Read More Pietro Aretino & Michelangelo/3

Pangramma 🔤 

Please scroll down for the English version La nostra amica Eletta Senso autrice del blog Inchiostronerodenso questa volta ha proposto un Pangramma (gioco linguistico che consiste nella creazione di un testo di senso compiuto utilizzando in ordine tutte le lettere dell’alfabeto).Ecco la mia proposta: AmabilmenteBeatriceConvocòDanteEFavellòGarbatamente :HaiInventatoLinguaggiMagnificamenteNuovi.OraPoetaQueruloRiposatiSilente.TienitiUnaVoltaZitto Amabilmente Beatrice convocò Dante e favellò garbatamente: “ Hai… Read More Pangramma 🔤 

Penny Black 🖃

On 6 May 1840, the world’s first adhesive postage stamp was officially valid for use in a public postal system. It had been issued in the United Kingdom a few days earlier and featured an easily recognisable profile of Queen VictoriaIt took the name of Penny Black because of its black colour and its monetary… Read More Penny Black 🖃