La vita è tornata

Facendo una passeggiata ieri sono passata davanti a una casa da tempo abbandonata e l’ho vista ricoperta di glicine. E’ stata una sorpresa fantastica, una celebrazione della vita Torna la vitae canta là dov’un dìparea perduta I was walking yesterday when I went past a long-abandoned house. I saw it was covered with wisteria and… Read More La vita è tornata

Housman’s Rue /1

Alfred Edward Housman (26 March 1859 –1936), was an English poet and classical scholar, whose verse exerted a strong influence on later poets.Today he is best known for his cycle of poems “A Shropshire Lad” published in 1896 partly at the author’s expense, after it had been rejected by a publisher.The following poem is one… Read More Housman’s Rue /1


Wisdom (It Was A Night Of Early Spring) by Sara Teasdale – 1926 It was a night of early spring,The winter-sleep was scarcely broken;Around us shadows and the windListened for what was never spoken. Though half a score of years are gone,Spring comes as sharply now as then–But if we had it all to doIt… Read More Spring

Audre Lorde

Audre Lorde , born on 18 February 1934, was an internationally-acclaimed American poet, feminist, professor, and civil rights champion. She described herself as a “black-lesbian feminist, mother, warrior, poet ” who “dedicated both her life and her creative talent to confronting and addressing injustices of racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia“. She died in 1992. “It… Read More Audre Lorde