François Mauriac

François Mauriac, né le 11 octobre 1885 à Bordeaux, est un grand écrivain français qui a reçu le prix Nobel de littérature  en 1952. Presque tous les hommes ressemblent à ces grands palais deserts dont le propriétaire n’habite que quelques pièces; et il ne pénètre jamais dans les ailes condamnées. Quasi tutti gli uomini somigliano… Read More François Mauriac


“Speculation is perfectly all right, but if you stay there you’ve only founded a superstition. If you test it, you’ve started a science.” –Hal Clement – science fiction author (30 May 1922-2003) “Some things are too hard to believe, however entertaining they might be to hear or read.” “Human beings are prone to believe the… Read More Speculation


John Lennon was born in Liverpool on 9 October 1940 “Imagine” Imagine all the people Living life in peace… You may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one I hope someday you’ll join us And the world will be as one Immagina che tutta la gente Viva in pace Puoi dire che… Read More Peace

🛸 “We are always getting away from the present moment” (H.G. Wells) 🛸

Herbert George Wells (1866 – 13 August 1946), usually referred to as H. G. Wells, was an English writer considered the father of modern science fiction, along with Jules Verne. His work “The Time Machine” is the first great novel to imagine time travel and can be considered both a scientific parable and a class… Read More 🛸 “We are always getting away from the present moment” (H.G. Wells) 🛸

Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal (19 juin 1623 – 1662) mathématicien and philosophe français. “Il n’y a que deux sortes d’hommes: les uns justes, qui se croient pécheurs; les autres pécheurs, qui se croient justes” “Ci sono solo due categorie di uomini: i giusti che si credono peccatori, e i peccatori che si credono giusti.” “There are only… Read More Blaise Pascal