Ada Lovelace: The Mother of Programming (1)

“If you can’t give me poetry, can’t you give me poetical science?” Ada Lovelace died on this day, 27 November 1852.She was an English mathematician chiefly known because she wrote the world’s first computer program for Charles Babbage’s huge mechanical computer, “The Analytical Engine”. Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace was born in December 1815… Read More Ada Lovelace: The Mother of Programming (1)


Limerick There was a young fellow from Trinity, Who took the square root of Infinity. But the number of digits, Gave him the fidgets; He dropped Math and took up Divinity. George Gamow, physicist and cosmologist (4 Mar 1904-1968) (One, Two, Three… Infinity – 1947)   C’era un giovane studente del Trinity, che calcolò la… Read More Infinity