The Ghost Ship at the Sandbar/1

Tennyson‘s poem “Crossing the Bar” (here) was about a shoal, and one of the most notorious sandbanks is Goodwin Sands, a line of shoals at the entrance to the Strait of Dover from the North Sea, off the Kent coast. It is one of the most dangerous passages in the English Channel, often the scene… Read More The Ghost Ship at the Sandbar/1

Cabell’s Scandals

Yesterday I wrote about James Cabell (see here) and the scandal that arose after the publication of “Jurgen”, his twelfth novel in the fall of 1919Very shortly after its release, the book was accused of obscenities and withdrawn, so, obviously, thriving black market emerged, with copies sold for two hundred times the list price. Even… Read More Cabell’s Scandals

Una di meno 👠

Come sono leggera!Lontani gli orroridi quella che un tempocredevo passione sincera.Sul pavimentouna macchia sempre più rossae sul pettoc’è un papavero che s’ingrossa. Chi verrà a pulire?Sarà chi non ha voluto ascoltarela violenza da cui volevo fuggire?Ancor oggi l’avevo progettato:avevo messo uno strato di truccosul volto ammaccatoe scarpe adatte alla fugada chi un tempo avevo amato.… Read More Una di meno 👠

Tom Jones

Welsh singer Sir Thomas John Woodward (known professionally as Tom Jones) is 81 today! 🍕 In December 1967 he recorded “Delilah” (lyrics by Barry Mason and music by Les Reed) and, singing it in his dramatic fashion, he managed to make it a top hit all over the world. This song is about a crime… Read More Tom Jones