Pietro Aretino /3c

➡️Part 1➡️Part 2➡️Part 3a➡️Part 3b Pietro Aretino & His Sonnets When the papacy banned this second edition of “I modi” and destroyed every copy they could find, Pietro Aretino went to Venice, where he spent the rest of his life, while Raimondi, the engraved, managed to escape a second imprisonment, but was financially ruined. It… Read More Pietro Aretino /3c

Novant’anni e non sentirli

Esattamente novant’anni fa, il 23 gennaio 1932 usciva il primo numero de “La Settimana Enigmistica”, uno dei periodici di enigmistica più diffusi e noti del nostro paese, che sulla testata alterna le seguenti diciture: “La rivista che vanta innumerevoli tentativi d’imitazione!”“La rivista di enigmistica prima per fondazione e per diffusione” Fu il risultato di una… Read More Novant’anni e non sentirli

Celia Thaxter

Celia Thaxter was an American writer of poetry and stories who was born on 29 June 1835 SCHUBERT At the open window I lean;Flowers in the garden withoutFaint in the heat and the drought;What does the music mean? For here, from the cold keys within,Is a tempest of melody drawn;Doubts, passionate questions, the dawnOf high… Read More Celia Thaxter


English poet and playwright Robert Browning was born on 7 May 1812, and died in 1889. In his dramatic monologue Balaustion’s Adventure (1871) we read a beautiful line (l. 323): “And (he) who hears music, feels his solitude Peopled at once” “E chi ascolta la musica, sente la sua solitudine popolarsi all’improvviso”

🎶Love the One You’re With 🎶 (1. Lyrics, introduction & translation)

If you’re down and confused And you don’t remember who you’re talking to Concentration slips away Because your baby is so far away Well there’s a rose in a fisted glove And the eagle flies with the dove And if you can’t be with the one you love, honey Love the one you’re with Don’t… Read More 🎶Love the One You’re With 🎶 (1. Lyrics, introduction & translation)