Il cigno 🦢

Il candido cigno del Larioè un uccello straordinarionuota maestoso nell’acqua blue poi a volte si immerge all’ingiù perché al cigno errabondopiace scoprire l’altro mondoe quand’è stanco di quello di fuoriguarda sotto in cerca di tesori. Allora immerge la sua mole superbalasciando emergere solo le tergae il papero che passa curiososi chiede cosa sia quell’oggetto misterioso… Read More Il cigno 🦢


Vita Sackville-West, English poet, novelist and writer on gardening, was born on 9 March 1892She was also famous for her intense relationship and ever-lasting friendship with Virginia Woolf. TrioSo well she knew them both! yet as she cameInto the room, and heard their speechOf tragic meshes knotted with her name,And saw them, foes, but meeting… Read More Trio

The Edge

The poem is taken from the only volume of poetry, “Five Poems” (2002). written by American prose-writer Toni Morrison (1931-2019). THE EDGE He was a boy – just a boy –and I was a very young girl.In blazing light and shadows trimmed in goldwe took the risk of lovethe grist of lovethe dreamy, steamy mist… Read More The Edge