Pietro Aretino /3b

➡️Part 1➡️Part 2➡️Part 3a Pietro Aretino, Giulio Romano & Marcantonio Raimondi (second part) While engraver Marcantonio Raimondi was imprisoned by the Pope for printing those erotic drawings of sexual positions known as “I Modi (The Ways/The Positions),” or “The Sixteen Pleasures”, Giulio Romano, the source of the original sketches remained untouched because he had produced… Read More Pietro Aretino /3b


Today is the last day of Carnival, or at least it is in most of Italy …. but not in my area where it will go on until next Saturday, so our Lent will be a little shorter.In the Christian religion, Lent is the 40-day period before Easter, commemorating the 40 days Jesus spent fasting… Read More Carnival

Thomas More/2

St. Thomas More’s Prayer for Good Humor Grant me oh Lord, good digestion,and also something to digest. Grant me a healthy body, andthe necessary good humour to maintain it. Grant me a simple soul that knowsto treasure all that is goodand that doesn’t frighten easily at the sight of evil,but rather finds the means to… Read More Thomas More/2

June 9, 1537: Sublimis Deus

On 9 June 1537 Pope Paul III unequivocally declared that Native Americans were rational beings with souls, “truly men” with the qualities and faults of other humans, and not beasts, therefore they should not be reduced to slavery (papal bull Sublimis Deus =The Sublime God)