Upton Sinclair (who died on 25 November 1968) was a prolific American author and political activist who devoted his writing career to exposing his view of the injustices of capitalism and the devastating effects of poverty among the working class. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon… Read More Needs

Paul Simon: “The Boxer” (2.Analysis –second part)

For the first part see here:Paul Simon: “The Boxer” (2.Analysis – first part) Verse 4 Now the years are rolling by methey are rockin’ evenlyI am older than I once wasand younger than I’ll be and that’s not unusual.No it isn’t strangeafter changes upon changeswe are more or less the sameafter changes we are more or… Read More Paul Simon: “The Boxer” (2.Analysis –second part)

Cat Stevens: ” WHERE DO THE CHILDREN PLAY” (Harold & Maude’s soundtrack)

  Well I think it’s fine, building jumbo planes. Or taking a ride on a cosmic train. Switch on summer from a slot machine. Yes, get what you want to if you want, Cause you can get anything. I know we’ve come a long way, We’re changing day to day, But tell me, where do… Read More Cat Stevens: ” WHERE DO THE CHILDREN PLAY” (Harold & Maude’s soundtrack)