Barbara Allen/2

As I’ve already written (here) “Barbara Allen” began as a ballad in the seventeenth century or earlier and was published and performed under many different titles, in a vast array of tunes and narrative details.The earliest text was published in London in 1690, under the title “Barbara Allen’s cruelty: or, the young-man’s tragedy”. It appeared… Read More Barbara Allen/2

“Remorse” by E. Dickinson

744 Remorse—is Memory—awake— Her Parties all astir— A Presence of Departed Acts— At window—and at Door— It’s Past—set down before the Soul And lighted with a Match— Perusal—to facilitate— And help Belief to stretch— Remorse is cureless—the Disease Not even God—can heal— For ’tis His institution—and The Adequate of Hell— (Emily Dickinson ) In this… Read More “Remorse” by E. Dickinson