Lady Hamilton in Naples – Horatio Nelson (part 12)

Since her arrival in Naples in 1786, Emma had successfully taken care of her reputation by being faithful and virtuous, although the British notables who visited the Ambassador’s palace never accepted her on equal terms. Her love for Nelson came at the price of this fragile and hard-won respectability. After the party, Emma became his… Read More Lady Hamilton in Naples – Horatio Nelson (part 12)

Thomas More/1

Thomas More (7 February 1478 – 6 July 1535), was an English statesman, lawyer, and writer.In 1504 More was elected to parliament and years later he entered the king’s service and was knighted.Meanwhile, in 1516, he wrote his famous book Utopia, about an ideal republic in which institutions and policies were entirely governed by reason.Utopia… Read More Thomas More/1