Celia Thaxter

Celia Thaxter was an American writer of poetry and stories who was born on 29 June 1835 SCHUBERT At the open window I lean;Flowers in the garden withoutFaint in the heat and the drought;What does the music mean? For here, from the cold keys within,Is a tempest of melody drawn;Doubts, passionate questions, the dawnOf high… Read More Celia Thaxter

“Wild Nights” by Emily Dickinson (2.analysis)

First Stanza Wild nights! Wild nights! Were I with thee, Wild nights should be Our luxury! The repeated phrase in the first stanza immediately gives the idea that the speaker has experienced something extraordinary. The author suggests that if she and “thee” (the other person) were together then there would be not just one, but… Read More “Wild Nights” by Emily Dickinson (2.analysis)