Here in This Spring

Here in This Spring(Dylan Thomas) Here in this spring, stars float along the void;Here in this ornamental winterDown pelts the naked weather;This summer buries a spring bird. Symbols are selected from the years’Slow rounding of four seasons’ coasts,In autumn teach three seasons’ firesAnd four birds’ notes. I should tell summer from the trees, the wormsTell,… Read More Here in This Spring

☆彡(ノ^ ^)ノ 1000 POSTS ヘ(^ ^ヘ)☆彡

  Ieri, alla pubblicazione dell’articolo su “B.B. King”, mi è arrivato un messaggio inaspettato: quello era il mio millesimo post! Un bel traguardo, che mi ha portata a pensare: “Tempus fugit” (Il tempo vola/Time flies)e, subito dopo, a proseguire, come auto- augurio per il futuro, “Hic manebimus optime!” (Qui ci resteremo benissimo/ Here we’ll stay… Read More ☆彡(ノ^ ^)ノ 1000 POSTS ヘ(^ ^ヘ)☆彡

⌚ Time ⌚

⌚ “Lost Time is never found again.” ⌚ “Life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.” ⌚ “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” Benjamin Franklin, statesman, author, and inventor (17 January 1706-1790)   ⌚ “Il tempo perso non viene mai più ritrovato.” ⌚… Read More ⌚ Time ⌚