Una di meno đź‘ 

Come sono leggera!Lontani gli orroridi quella che un tempocredevo passione sincera.Sul pavimentouna macchia sempre piĂą rossae sul pettoc’è un papavero che s’ingrossa. Chi verrĂ  a pulire?SarĂ  chi non ha voluto ascoltarela violenza da cui volevo fuggire?Ancor oggi l’avevo progettato:avevo messo uno strato di truccosul volto ammaccatoe scarpe adatte alla fugada chi un tempo avevo amato.… Read More Una di meno đź‘ 


William S. Burroughs, a central member of the Beat Generation and an avant-garde author, died on 2 August 1997.In this short film was shot in 1990 by Gus Van Sant (best known as the director of films like Good Will Hunting) the author recites his poem “Thanksgiving Prayer”.The poem had been published the previous year… Read More Burroughs

Kubrick and Strauss

Stanley Kubrick, one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th Century, was born in in The Bronx, New York City, on 26 July 1928. In 1969 he directed “2001: A Space Odyssey” based on Arthur C. Clarke’s short story “The Sentinel”.In both the opening and closing scenes of the film, Kubrick plays “Also Sprach Zarathustra”… Read More Kubrick and Strauss


“A society that presumes a norm of violence and celebrates aggression, whether in the subway, on the football field, or in the conduct of its business, cannot help making celebrities of the people who would destroy it.”Lewis H. Lapham – Harper’s (March 1985) Lewis Henry Lapham, born on 8 January 1935 is an American writer,… Read More Violence

Lest We Forget

It started with anti-Semitism and Kristallnacht. It ended with millions of lives erased. International Holocaust Remembrance Day January 27 is designated by the United Nations General Assembly as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Since 2005, the UN and its member states have been paying tribute to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust that occurred… Read More Lest We Forget

HMS Bounty

“Mutiny on the Bounty” – the 1962 American historical drama film starring Marlon Brando – and “The Bounty” – the 1984 British film starring Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins – are two films dealing with the story of a sailing ship crew that is fed up with their captain’s harsh discipline and decides to take… Read More HMS Bounty