Lady Hamilton in Calais (part 68)

Emma was buried in Calais on January 21 in the graveyard of the Eglise de St Pierre, outside the town, without any sign.Some time later an unknown person planted a wooden cross bearing the inscription “Emma Hamilton, England’s Friend”. Another unknown hand removed it. This happened twice. A British visitor passing through Calais in September… Read More Lady Hamilton in Calais (part 68)

Lady Hamilton & Horatio Nelson:  At Sea Again (part 34)

On 18 May 1803, the day of Horatia’s baptism, Great Britain declared war on France.Nelson had to leave five days later. Emma, who was pregnant again, was convinced he would be back within a short time, but unfortunately she didn’t see him for the next two years and three months. Britain was going through a… Read More Lady Hamilton & Horatio Nelson:  At Sea Again (part 34)


Bernard Baruch was an American businessman and politician, and an advisor to Democratic presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt on economic matters.He was born on 19 August 1870 and on his 85th birthday, in 1955, he stated:“To me, old age is always fifteen years older than I am.” Speaking about intelligence:“I’m not smart. I… Read More Experience


Harry Browne (17 June 1933 – 2006) was an American politician, libertarian writer and public speaker, investment analyst and the author of more than twenty books and thousands of articles. In his 1995 book “Why Government Doesn’t Work” he wrote: “The politicians’ stirring phrases are meant to keep our eyes averted from the reality of… Read More War