Queen Elizabeth I’s Death

During her reign, Elizabeth I became an icon to worship, the Protestant object of a “royal cult” intended, according to some critics, to “clash with and contest the Catholic worship of the Virgin Mary”. This cult emphasized her virginity and beauty: she was never seen without her whitened ‘mask of youth’.Some historians believe she may… Read More Queen Elizabeth I’s Death

Life & Death

When I have looked Life in the eyes,Grown calm and very coldly wise,Life will have given me the Truth,And taken in exchange–my youth. “Wisdom” – Sara Teasdale, American lyric poet, born on 8 August 1884. Not one would mind, neither bird nor treeIf mankind perished utterly; And Spring herself, when she woke at dawn,Would scarcely… Read More Life & Death

Housman’s Rue /1

Alfred Edward Housman (26 March 1859 –1936), was an English poet and classical scholar, whose verse exerted a strong influence on later poets.Today he is best known for his cycle of poems “A Shropshire Lad” published in 1896 partly at the author’s expense, after it had been rejected by a publisher.The following poem is one… Read More Housman’s Rue /1