When I started this blog I was just trying to share the contents of my lectures. I am teaching a course calledย  “Words & Music” at the University of the Third Age of my small Italian town, with the aim of letting people enjoy a little English in a cheerful way. The blog was intended as a way to reach those who had been unable to attend the course: you know, we are still young, but only at heart!

Then I began to enjoy it … and here I am!

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  1. Dear Luisa! Thank you for your attention… I wrote you a reply to an old blog of yours some time ago, but I noticed that you left that page. Here, the “music and words” speak to me in a completely different way… I have to read a lot of your writings, I have a lot of backlogs. Thank you for your special attention. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. It was a peripheral topic, just interesting.I was glad he wasn’t far from you. Now I also keep a diary here on my blog, I’m at the 7th part, maybe it will be compiled into a book, which can fill in the gaps…

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