When I started this blog I was just trying to share the contents of my lectures. I am teaching a course called  “Words & Music” at the University of the Third Age of my small Italian town, with the aim of letting people enjoy a little English in a cheerful way. The blog was intended as a way to reach those who had been unable to attend the course: you know, we are still young, but only at heart!

Then I began to enjoy it … and here I am!




38 thoughts on “About

      1. Italian songs were very popular in the 60’s and my parents had many records. 🙂
        Una lacrima sul viso is one I remember. (I think that’s where I picked my poor Italian. Out of old records…) Non ho l’etta. Sometimes I think about poor Gigliola. The only song she can only perform in public! I will look up Mina and Alberto Lupo. I don’t “situate” them. Buona sera.


      2. I don’t “remember” them. Think sixties, in Africa, no TV. Just records. 🙂 (And I now realize it’s a Bossa Nova!) Or maybe I remember Dalida’s version? Mina had a wonderful voice.
        The 60’s (and 70’s) were an incredible time of exchange between Italy and France. Actors, directors, singers, movies, songs crossed the border back and forth. I wonder why that stopped.
        Ciao ciao

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