Penny Black 🖃

On 6 May 1840, the world’s first adhesive postage stamp was officially valid for use in a public postal system. It had been issued in the United Kingdom a few days earlier and featured an easily recognisable profile of Queen VictoriaIt took the name of Penny Black because of its black colour and its monetary… Read More Penny Black 🖃

Waterloo Sunset 🎶

On 5 May 1967 the Kinks released “Waterloo Sunset”, a single which was also their first single available in true stereo.The song was originally entitled “Liverpool Sunset”, because songwriter and singer Ray Davies loved the city and its music.But when The Beatles released “Penny Lane”, the title changed because another song about Liverpool may have… Read More Waterloo Sunset 🎶


We are all annoyed when we receive those multiple unsolicited and unwanted commercial messages sent to large numbers of recipients.The very first unwelcome bulk commercial email was sent on 3rd May 1978 by a man named Gary Thuerk , a Digital Equipment Corporation marketing representative, to every ARPANET address on the west coast of the… Read More Spam

Il Bolero di Ravel ✍️

Molto grata a Isabella SCOTTI e Lucia TRIOLO per l’ invito a partecipare al DECENNIO DI AVVICINAMENTO DELLE CULTURE – Esposizione internazionale virtuale, ho pubblicato dieci poesie, una al giorno, per dieci giorni.A mia volta invito a partecipare Marguerite (Le Jardin Secrêt De Marguerite) ringraziandola anticipatamente se vorrà accettare.(ultimo giorno) IL BOLERO DI RAVEL Ricordi… Read More Il Bolero di Ravel ✍️

Clair de Lune ✍️

Coinvolta su Facebook nella maratona poetica DECENNIO DI AVVICINAMENTO DELLE CULTURE – Esposizione internazionale virtuale – sto pubblicando dieci mie poesie, una al giorno. Ecco la nona: CHIARO DI LUNA La luna distendesull’acquaun lungo sguardod’argento. E’ un invitoa dimenticaree percorrerlo leggera,a passo lento. MOONLIGHT Look! The moonis stretchinga long silverribbonon the water An invitationto leave… Read More Clair de Lune ✍️