Asking for help

You know Cassandro because he sometimes publishes his poems in the comments on my posts: he sent me this poem and asked me to translate it into English.It refers to yesterday’s article where I mentioned parental love.As you know, it’s easier for me to translate poems from English into Italian.I’ve had trouble with rhymes and… Read More Asking for help

Pied Beauty

Gerard Manley Hopkins (born on 28 July 1844) was an English poet and Jesuit priest whose posthumous fame placed him among the best Victorian poets. None of his poems were published during his lifetime. In a period of traditional verse. he was an innovator in prosody (especially as regards his “sprung rhythm”, based on the… Read More Pied Beauty

The Sound of Silence/La tua immagine

Please scroll down for the English version Gli anni ’60 e ’70 in Italia furono l’età d’oro delle cover, che ci permise di importare il meglio dei nuovi ritmi provenienti dall’estero (beat, soul, pop) riproducendoli fedelmente ad eccezione dei testi. Questi a volte venivano tradotti , altre volte reinterpretati, ma più spesso riscritti totalmente, con… Read More The Sound of Silence/La tua immagine

T.S. Eliot & April /2

Both Geoffrey Chaucer (see here) and American poet Thomas Stearns Eliot (1888 –1965) start their most famous works by mentioning “April” in the first line but with completely different connotations.If in Chaucer’s work, “sweet” April has a positive connotation, it means a vigorous, fertile rebirth of nature, animals and men which pushes people to embark… Read More T.S. Eliot & April /2


Dedicato a te, Donna che smorzi il tuo coloreper donar più lucea chi ti sta accanto – incapace di apprezzareil tuo splendoreunico in ogni stagione – che a volte scambipossessoper passione – prodiga sempredi vitae di amore queste parole sono per teDonnaper cantare il tuo valore. (L.Z.) – revisione – This is dedicated to you,… Read More Donna


Sara Teasdale was an American lyric poet born in St. Louis, Missouri on 8 August 1884 In 1918, she won the Columbia University Poetry Society Prize for her collection Love Songs.The prize was later officially renamed the Pulitzer Prize. after newspaper publisher Joseph PulitzerWeakened after a difficult bout with pneumonia, she died by suicide in… Read More Wisdom