Le fate ignoranti

  Last  week I  watched for the second time an Italian drama film directed by Turkish-Italian film director Ferzan Özpetek: “Le fate ignoranti” (The Ignorant Fairies, released in the US as His Secret Life). It is the story of Antonia, a doctor who works in an AIDS clinic and has been married to Massimo for… Read More Le fate ignoranti

Francis Bacon

Il 28 ottobre 1909 nasceva a Dublino Francis Bacon (1909 –1992), pittore noto per le sue immagini imprevedibili e grottesche, cariche di emozioni, che tentano di sondare l’essenza dell’uomo contemporaneo. Il suo caotico studio fu trasferito da Londra e ricostruito a Dublino attorno al 1998.  


“Running on Faith” appeared on Journeyman, the 1989 album by Eric Clapton. which was considered the artist’s return to sobriety. During the 80s he had developed a heroin addiction and had become an alcoholic, and had also had suicidal thoughts. He is reported to have  said “the only reason I didn’t commit suicide was that… Read More Journeyman