Jacques Barzun ( born on 30 November 1907) was a French-American historian, teacher and a philosopher of education Three quotes on teaching: Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition. The truth is, when all is said and done, one does not teach a subject, one teaches a… Read More Teaching


Upton Sinclair (who died on 25 November 1968) was a prolific American author and political activist who devoted his writing career to exposing his view of the injustices of capitalism and the devastating effects of poverty among the working class. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon… Read More Needs

Una di meno 👠

Come sono leggera!Lontani gli orroridi quella che un tempocredevo passione sincera.Sul pavimentouna macchia sempre più rossae sul pettoc’è un papavero che s’ingrossa. Chi verrà a pulire?Sarà chi non ha voluto ascoltarela violenza da cui volevo fuggire?Ancor oggi l’avevo progettato:avevo messo uno strato di truccosul volto ammaccatoe scarpe adatte alla fugada chi un tempo avevo amato.… Read More Una di meno 👠

True Love

Two Lovers Two lovers by a moss-grown spring:They leaned soft cheeks together there,Mingled the dark and sunny hair,And heard the wooing thrushes sing.O budding time!O love’s blest prime! Two wedded from the portal stept:The bells made happy carolings,The air was soft as fanning wings,White petals on the pathway slept.O pure-eyed bride!O tender pride! Two faces… Read More True Love

George Eliot

“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult to each other?”(from the novel Middlemarch) George Eliot, pen name of Mary Ann Evans, born on 22 November 1819.She was a Victorian era English poet and novelist who chose that male pseudonym to conceal her gender so that people would take… Read More George Eliot