(u3a) The Lambro: ecological disaster – February 2010 –

The Lambro: ecological disaster –  February 2010 –


On 23 February 2010, after a sabotage  at  a former refinery used by Società Lombarda Petroli S.p.A. as an oil depot in Villasanta (Monza Brianza), tons of oil were spilled into the river, affecting local vegetation and fauna.

Here is a poem on the subject:

Lenta scorreva l’acqua

Come un malato ancor convalescente

Forse non era del tutto perduto

Per ritornare com’eri anticamente.

Lampi guizzanti – i pesci

T’accompagnavano nel lungo percorso.

Nell’erba delle tue rive

Si trastullavano api e calabroni

Farfalle senza suono

Sfioravano il tuo cammino.

Come soldatini in divise lucenti

Cormorani e germani

Vegliavano l’inceder tuo tranquillo

Qualcosa ha spezzato  l’incanto

Onda nera la tua superficie

Nere le tue sponde silenziose.

Uccelli dalle viscide armature

Condividon con te una lenta agonia.

(Bianca C.)

In English:

In its slow flow your water

Resembles a sick man still full of hope

Not all is lost maybe

To go back to your past glee


The fish  flickered  like darts

Swimming along your stream


On your banks among the grass

Bees and hornets merrily buzzed

While silent butterflies

Hovered over your  ridge 

Like soldiers in a row

Bright cormorants and ducks

Guarded  your quiet flow 

Who broke that spell? 

Your water got black as hell

Black your silent shore.

Black was the  armour  your birds wore  

All agonizing in death throes

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