Quelle come me (by Alda Merini): THOSE LIKE ME

THOSE LIKE ME  – Alda Merini

Those like me hand out dreams, even at the cost of being left dreamless…

Those like me give away their soul, because a soul is like a drop of water in the desert.

Those like me stretch out a hand and help you get up ,

while running the risk of falling in turn .

Those like me look ahead ,

even if their heart is some steps behind

Those like me search  for a meaning to existence and, on finding it,

try to impart it to the ones who just survive .

Those like me,  when in love , love forever.

and if they stop, it’s only  because small fragments of being

lie powerless in the hands of life.

Those like me pursue the dream

of being loved for what they are

and not for what they are expected to be.

Those like me travel the world striving for values that

human souls have long forgotten

Those like me would really like to change,

but this would mean to be born again.

Those like me scream in silence,

so that their voice is not  confused with tears.

Those like me are women whose hearts you are definitely going to break

because you know they’ll let you go , without a question.

Those like me love too much, even knowing that, in return,

they’ll receive nothing but crumbs .

Those like me feed on little and sadly build  their existence on it

Those like me go unnoticed ,

but they are the only women that will really love you

Those like me are the ones that, in the autumn  of your life,

you will regret for what they might have given you

and you didn’t accept..


( I have tried to translate this poem into English because I really wanted to share it. Please feel free to add any suggestions)

–> For  the original text :   https://wordpress.com/post/pensieriparoleemozioniblog.wordpress.com/266


ALDA MERINI  (Milan, 21 March 1931– 1 November 2009) was an Italian writer and poet, who gained the attention and the admiration of other Italian writers, when quite young.

Her style is intense, passionate and mystic and some of her poems concern the time she spent in a mental home. She wrote:  All my books are tied to my mental illness, almost always  wanted by others to witness my damnation”.

Her works, in which the “otherness” of madness becomes part of her creative expression, are often dramatic meditations on illness, nature, and myth.

In 1996 she was awarded the prestigious Premio Viareggio and simultaneously was nominated by the French Academy for the Nobel Prize.



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