Pepys and Marriage

Samuel Pepys (born on 23 February 1633) was a naval administrator, well known for his Diary which gives a fascinating picture of the upper-class life of Restoration London through the 1660s.
He wrote his diary in shorthand, to ensure that no one could read it easily and he often further encoded the accounts of his many affairs using a mixture of English and foreign words.

In one of his entries (1665) we read:
“To church in the morning, and there saw a wedding in the church, which I have not seen many a day; and the young people so merry one with another, and strange to see what delight we married people have to see these poor fools decoyed into our condition…”

“Stamattina in chiesa ho visto un matrimonio, cosa che non vedevo da tempo: i giovani erano raggianti. E’ strano notare la gioia che proviamo noi persone sposate a vedere questi poveri sciocchi attirati nella nostra stessa condizione…”

Image: Les mariés de la Tour Eiffel (The Wedding Party on the Eiffel Tower) by Marc Chagall, 1928

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  2. A very good and close friend of my family has the complete collection of Pepys diaries. It would be nearly 40 years since I last saw the collection, but it has always left an impression on me because he thoughts helped this great friend deal with the challenges in their life.

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