Fire and Ice/II

“L’homme est de glace aux vérités, il est de feu pour les mensonges.” – Jean de La Fontaine – Fables – Livre IX.

“Man is ice to truth and fire to falsehood.”

In one of the comments on Frost’s poem “Fire and Ice”, which you can read here, Pat wrote some lines that I liked very much. I found them brilliant and I would like to share them with you, dear friends, and to try to translate them into Italian

I’ve thought twice
of fire and ice ,
and a third alterative
would be nice.
Something gentler,
maybe kinder
would be a welcoming last reminder

This is Pat’s blog:

L’uomo è ghiaccio per la verità e fuoco per le menzogne” – Jean de La Fontaine

In uno dei commenti alla poesia di Frost “Fire and Ice”, che potete leggere qui, Pat ha scritto dei versi che mi sono piaciuti molto. Li ho trovati geniali e avrei piacere a condividerli con voi, amici cari e di tentare di tradurli in italiano

Ci ho pensato due volte
al ghiaccio e al fuoco
e una terza alternativa
sarebbe d’uopo.
Una cosa più preparatoria,
e magari più propiziatoria,
sarebbe un gradito promemoria

Questo è il blog di Pat:

Image: Flickr – Matthias Weinberger

42 thoughts on “Fire and Ice/II

  1. When you go back to the literature of the 17th or 16th century (not to mention Dante whom I know very little) one realizes that the clarity of analysis of those times was already at a peak. We have very few such analysts now.
    Tutto é “mensonge”. (Menzogne… 🤥 this Pinchio appeared on my keyboard. It speaks Italian but not French… LOl) Love the word game ‘Menzogne’, so similar to French. With your blog I will end up speaking Italian. 😉
    Buona notte Luisa.

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      1. Which is why Italian is – relatively – easy for me: I must be the last generation of French who still studied Latin. (Not Greek). 2 or 3 years. (I imagine you did too) and the study of Latin, with the concept of “radical” helps me understand words in languages I don’t know. I look for the radical… Senza menzogna… 😉

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      2. Italian grammar must be hard. I only dabble at it. I sometimes wish I studied Latin longer than 3 years. (Themes were a nightmare. Versions all right.) The structure of the language is incredible. And it does show you where words come from… Hence their meaning and value. I wish I had studied ancient Greek too. Did you know what theoria meant in Greek? “Regard” “look at”. So the Greeks Theoria”, to look at something, became our theory. Fascinating. Buona Domenica Luisa.

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